Moving receiver

Change of site location (i.e. change of the values of geocentric coordinates X, Y, Z during the file reading) is taken into account in the calculation of elevation and azimuth values. Moreover, there is a possibility to set the coordinates for required moments of time. To do that, one should put a file with the values of time and geocentric coordinates corresponding to them into a directory with an observation file. Running into such a file, tecs will read the coordinates and changes the values of X, Y and Z for each time moment listed in the file.

File with coordinates

The name of a file with coordinates should correspond to the name of an observation file and has an extension xyz. For example,

  • usud0700.11d.Z and;
  • usud0700.11o and;
  • usud070a00.11o and

Time stamp is set as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS followed by values of the X, Y and Z (in meters) separated by spaces. The # symbol begins a comment. For example,

# Site: USUD
# Datum: IGS08
# datetime, x (meters), y (meters), z (meters)
2011-03-11 05:00:00  -3855263.0771  3427432.6022  3741020.3066
2011-03-11 05:00:30  -3855263.0833  3427432.6068  3741020.3148
2011-03-11 05:01:00  -3855263.0761  3427432.6020  3741020.3089